Filipino American National Historical Society



Fanhs & Fanhs – LA is a non-profit organization that was started for the welfare of the American Filipino. It has been serving the American Filipino from the very beginning and is dedicated to preserving their traditions.

FANHS Services:

National Pinoy Archives

In the interest for the rest of the world to know the American Filipino History archives, the national Pinoy Archives was found.

Research Assistance

We have been assisting research that is carried out in the country and all over the world in many aspects.

Journals & Oral Histories

We have preserved all the journals and all the oral histories that conveys a lot of historical information that has a lot of importance.

Chartered in 1993


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Mission Statement


Gathering & Preservation

One of mail work is to gather all the information and artifacts that give more data about the American Filipinos. We do not just stop with collecting. We make sure that they are preserved properly.


Understanding & Education

It is our duty to educate and make people understand the rich culture, heritage and traditions

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