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Solar Power For All

The Philippines is made up of 7,600 islands and boasts a tropical climate year-round. In 2015 the Global Climate Index listed the Philippines as the most affected country by climate change. Many of the islands making up the Philippines are still quite rural in terms of development for civilization. In fact 16 million Filipinos lack reliable energy access and thus live by candlelight and kerosene. 

What is the best way to go about providing electricity and reliable energy for all of those living in the Philippines?

After all, there is no real profit to be found in selling electricity to the poor who can already barely afford to live and feed their families. That is where solar power comes in. RES or Renewable Energy Services is a solar power company based in Hawaii. Another tropical climate ideal for solar power and also a destination many from the Philippines look to move to, to find better opportunities and quality of life. RES founders began to hear of the struggles the Philippines is facing and has continued to face in terms of reliable electricity and integrating solar power into the country.